DMG-11 Stainless Steel

The DMG Pilot Instruments integrate a fully functional g-meter and a wristwatch, providing pilots with accurate readouts of the current g-force and the maximum acceleration (up to 11 gs) during the flight.

The design of our Pilot Instrument is inspired by the cockpit environment and dictated by function. Under the extreme conditions the Instrument operates, it is crucial that it delivers read-outs quickly and accurately. Each and every knob must have a tactile feel that lets the pilot know, without looking, that a certain function has been activated.

We have spent countless hours of development, many under high g-loads, integrating an aviation instrument with a traditional watch, creating a Pilot Instrument that is worn on the wrist.

Our devices are used in high-load conditions that are far from normal. Out of this necessity we created a tough movement with a high-precision, temperature-compensated quartz oscillator that has a unique electro-mechanical design and construction: the De Motu DM 101 manufacture movement. Tough and reliable.

Additional information

Case Size

48 mm


14 mm


147 grams with Strap

Water Resistance

100 m / 330 ft


Black, Superluminova indexes and hands


22 mm Black Leather


De Motu DM 101 movement

Limited Edition

30 pieces


2 years


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