De Motu Watches embodies the philosophy of flying and the aesthetics, mechanics and functionality of aircrafts.

The story of De Motu began when the first prototype of De Motu DMG was published in 2004. Groundbreaking DMG is still the only wristwatch to measure G forces. As a robust and a non-commercial watch with an inhouse G force mechanics it was designed as a tool for stunt and fighter pilots. Since then DMG has been in professional use and has set a milestone for a pilot instrument manufacturer De Motu.

DMG followed by R42 Marks I and II and now our latest model DM-Z are all designed by pilots, watchmakers, engineers and mechanics who committed themselves to De Motu and its legacy to the watch and aviation industry.

From pilot to pilot. From generation to generation.

Every De Motu watch has incorporated the same aspects: centuries of watchmaking experience, high-end technical features, exclusive quality and skilful, individual distinguished design. Every De Motu watch is made by a watchmaker, handcrafted in Helsinki-Malmi Airport hangars, in Finland.

They are built around freedom, reliability and courage. But before everything else, De Motu watches are made for use.